102 year-old Releases First Album: Senior Song Book

With a combined age that covers nearly two centuries, American songwriting duo Alan Tripp (102 year-old) and Marvin Weisbord (88 year-old) recently released the SENIOR SONG BOOK.

There’s a line in the first track “I’m ready now to kiss you, but baby there’s an issue, I just can’t remember you name.” Tripp says, “it’s that kind of viewpoint of life, of being able to be realistic, with no pretense, that makes this a little bit different from the songs you’re used to.”

In his youth, Tripp says “I found out that being a songwriter at that point was not compatible with eating.” He adds that “You could do one or the other. So I went and wrote a jingle for Kool cigarettes. And I got $75. To me, it was all the money in the world. So I went into advertising.”

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